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PlaceHolder finds companies to rent your unused space while staying flexible to your growth needs

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Why use PlaceHolder?

Monetize your place

Listings are 100% free and Hosts can earn over $50-$100K per year - don't let your space go to waste

Flexible terms 

Flexible terms that meet your company's needs - get your space back within 30 days when you need it

Hassle free 

We handle it all - Guest sourcing, screening, legal agreements, invoicing, and payment collection 

Intelligent matching 

Our algorithms match you with the types of companies you want to share your space with

How it works in 3 steps

List your place for free 

Listing on the PlaceHolder Marketplace is 100% free for Hosts with no commitment or exclusivity required

Set your terms 

Choose your own price, ideal Guest, house rules, and rental terms - we’ll help along the way

Welcome your first Guest

We’ll send you Guests that match your criteria and set up tours - once we find a match, we'll handle all the admin

What people are saying

Your questions answered

We had 3 years left on our lease and we were growing slower than expected, PlaceHolder found an amazing company to share space with us and halved our rent costs.

David hosts in Toronto

About PlaceHolder

What is PlaceHolder?

PlaceHolder is NOT a broker - it's an online marketplace that connects those with unused space (Hosts) with fast-growing companies that have outgrown coworking spaces and are looking for flexible office space (Guests)

What is Hosting?

Hosts monetize their unused office space by turning it into a profit center. Our Hosts can earn $50K - $100K per year and use the proceeds to reduce their operating costs or hire new employees

We handle it all

  • Listing your space in the PlaceHolder Marketplace

  • Professional photos of your space

  • Matching your space with Verified Guests based on your  criteria of who you want to share your space with

  • Tours of your space by our Sales Specialists

  • Legal agreements and contracts

  • Payments and invoicing, including tax pass-through

  • Dispute resolution

  • Furniture rentals (if you’re trying to fill empty space)

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